Scott Benton

Software Engineer

Philadelphia, PA

From baking, to making music, to playing table-top role playing games, I enjoy the process of creating things and telling stories. Software engineering is another outlet for me to channel the creative process and to make an impact in people's lives. Currently, I work at Indeed, where I help people get jobs by creating tools to help employers organize their hiring teams.

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2022 - Present


Software Engineer | Remote, United States

At Indeed, I work as a part of our identity team, building and maintaining critical components of our authentication and authorization system that allows large employers to better organize their hiring efforts on our platform. I work closely with cross-functional teams such as design and product management to deliver stable, scalable software that meets the needs of our customers.


InFlight / Skuid

Software Developer | Remote, United States

At InFlight, I helped to modernize HR platforms by building custom, user friendly, accessible applications that integrated with existing HR systems. After our acquisition by Skuid, I continued supporting our companies largest client throughout the transition.



Software Developer Intern / Software Developer | Wilmington, DE

At WSFS, I worked on a team that built and maintained internal tools that supported different teams within the bank. I was responsible for building and designing new features, fixing bugs, and helping our department transition to React.


Iron Fellowship

Iron Fellowship

An app for playing the tabletop role-playing game Ironsworn with friends

Crew Link

Crew Link

Similar to Iron Fellowship, but for playing the game Starforged



A task management app that follows the chef's mise en place philosophy



A simple app for keeping track of your apartment's grocery list

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